Dancing at the SJHS dances

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When you were younger did you ever enjoy going to school dances? Well, Springville Junior High is having dances this year! They have five dances a year. There is the Welcome Back Dance, Halloween Dance, Christmas Dance, Valentine’s Days Dance, and the End of Year Dance. Dances start at 7:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm. 

There are four slow dances out of the whole thing. Students don't have to dance; they can sit on the bleachers during the slow dances. But when the slow dance is over they go back down and dance. The DJ, Audio Visions, has a request sheet so students can go choose the song. The DJ has a wide variety of songs.  There will be supervisors at the dances, like teachers and PTA volunteers.

Katie Bair, ninth-grade student at SJHS, said,” I love the dances. They are so fun.”  If you like hanging out with your friends, the dance is a great place to hang out with them. Jace Hartman, another ninth grade student at SJHS, said, “I love going to the dances. They are such a great place to hang out.”  The next dance will be held on Thursday, October 29th.

Kaleb Barnum, SJHS Staff Writer