SJHS students learn about the Government

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Many kids want to have a position in or participate in the government someday. The Government and Law class teaches them how to do this.  Government and Law is an exciting class at Springville Junior High, where kids learn about how the government works and how they can apply its principles to their own lives. It is taught by Mr. David Hansen, and both ninth and eight graders may take the class during eight period. The class is one semester long.
Lots of kids feel like Mr. Hansen is perfect for teaching government and law. He knows all about the government and how it works, and he is eager to teach it to kids. It helps that he has already taught all of the students Utah History in seventh grade. Allan Maughan, a student who has taken both classes at SJHS, said, “When I was in seventh grade, Mr. Hansen was my favorite teacher. He was one of the reasons I wanted to take Government and Law.”
Kids in Government and Law get to participate in peer court, which is a system that helps kids solve problems between each other. According to Mr. Hansen, it is great because it gives kids a “fair trial” instead of one person deciding their punishment.
Another one of the activities the students have been participating in is writing a bill. They decided to write one about health care, since that is a big debate currently happening in the government.  Allan said, “Writing bills is fun! We get to put in our word of what we think of health care.” The students in Government and Law will be submitting their bill to their legislator.

Christopher Taylor. SJHS Staff Writer