Teachers and Students Swap Places as SJHS

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Thursday was crazy at SJHS! Students dressed like teachers, and teachers like students! What’s going on? Why, it’s Swap Day, part of Red Ribbon Week. Swap Day represents “Swapping Drugs for Education.” On this day, students were SUPPOSED to wear what the teachers wear, and vice versa. The Red Ribbon effort was organized by the Service Learning class.

Many students and teachers think Swap Day was a good idea, and therefore tried to participate. Hadley Roberts, a seventh grader at SJHS, said Swap Day is “Fun, because once you dress up like the teachers, it helps you know how the teachers feel.” Mrs. Diane Bird, Service Learning teacher at Springville Junior High, said Swap Day was “A great idea, because I [was able] to wear a tee shirt, jeans, and flip flops.”

Some people really dressed up. Mr. Trent Mikesell, one of the Springville Junior English teachers, wore purple skinny jeans. You could hardly tell Mrs. Corrin Gleave, math teacher, from one of her students. “I had absolute blast!” said Mrs. Gleave. “I think we should keep [Swap Day for Red Ribbon Week] every year.”

Jack Setzer SJHS Staff Writer