Girls Dance their Hearts Out in PE

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Tue, 10/20/2009 - 10:07

Girls taking Physical Education at Springville Junior High have started a dance unit.  This unit gives them a chance to try something besides what they consider “normal” sports.  The girls choose group members and choreograph a dance to music of their choice. 

Some may wonder why Mrs. Kelly Anderson, the girls' P.E. instructor, strays from a curriculum of traditional sports such as soccer and volleyball.  Mrs. Anderson said, “I think the girls really enjoy being creative and performing the dances.” 

Just because Mrs. Anderson lets the girls use their creativity doesn't mean there aren't rules for them to abide by.  The rules are as follows: the dance must be two to three minutes long, props may be used, no cost to anyone can be involved, music must be school-appropriate, the dance is performed in front of the class, and if you are absent on performance day, you get a zero unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

Girls have opposing opinions on whether or not normal sports are better than the dance unit.  Anna Bunnell, a seventh grader, thinks normal sports are better, she’s not really into dancing, and Kourtney Joyner, an eighth grader, think it's more fun to do sports.  On the other side of the debate is Darby Farr, an eighth grader.  She likes dance because you can “express yourself in different ways.”  Another eighth grader that prefers dance is Madison Joyner.  She said, “Dance is funner.  You get to have more fun, and it’s not as competitive.”

Katya Wagstaff, SJHS Staff Writer