Learning and teaching math at SJHS

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Tue, 10/20/2009 - 10:11

Every year in school brings changes, but math is something that remains constant for your entire education. SJHS is just like any other school in this regard.  However, our school is different from others because of the kids and teachers that participate in the math program. We not only learn, but many kids have fun as well.

There are five different math classes offered at SJHS: Seventh grade math, Pre Algebra, Algebra 1a, Algebra 1, and Geometry. Next year there will also be an Algebra 2 class. The classes are similar in many aspects, but move at different paces. Seventh grade math is a slower paced Pre-Algebra, and Pre Algebra and Algebra 1a are slower oaced  versions of Algebra 1.  According to Mr. Dallin Krebs, an Algebra 1 teacher, his class is fun because it is like solving a puzzle.  Geometry takes the things that you learned in Algebra 1 (as well as the preceding classes) and applies them to real life.  Mrs. Corrin Gleave, the Geometry and Algebra 1a teacher said that “Geometry is my favorite! You get all the satisfaction of solving for x, but you also get the shapes, colors and, wait for it... ANGLES!”

Teachers are probably one of the most important factors in learning math. Students at SJHS feel that we have very helpful teachers. Many teachers feel the same way about the kids at our school. Mrs. Kaycie Sorenson, a new math teacher at SJHS, said “The students are great, they are so excited and willing to learn, which makes it 100 times better for me!”  An example of this willingness to learn is seen in Lear Burton, an eighth grader.  He said, “I like being in Geometry because it’s fun and it makes me feel high and mighty to be in an advanced math class.”

Christopher Taylor, SJHS Staff Writer