Performing Band At Springville Junior High

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Everyone knows that in junior high and in high school there is a Orchestra class, cheerleading, workout, and other special clubs, but one class that people forget is band. Band is a class that unlike orchestra, has modern instruments.

"I love teaching band, I've always been drawn to different music," said Mr. David Booth, band teacher at Springville Junior High.  Mr. Booth has been teaching band for 14 years now and counting; 14 years which he has very much enjoyed and is still enjoying to this day.
"I can get around on most instruments, but have the most background on brass instruments," said Mr Booth.  In order to qualify to be a band teacher, teachers have to know how to play different instruments; this is something that Mr. Booth is very good at.

"I really like band because I get to make noise, and Mr. Booth is awesome," said Steven Nunn, a band student.  For years Mr. Booth has taught many students, all which come out with a lot of good, fun memories; plus new knowledge of music.

"I plan on teaching at Springville Junior High for many, many years to come.  Students at  Springville Junior High are the best!" said Mr. Booth


Jose Martinez, SJHS Staff Writer