Will SJHS Wear Best Dress?

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“At Springville Junior High we are effective communicators, responsible citizens and successful learners.”  This is the SJHS Mission Statement.  Students recite it every Monday.  Another Monday event is the Knights of the Round Table.   On Monday October fifth, the Knights of the Round Table debated on a suggestion presented.  It was whether or not students should have days to wear their best clothes and how often. 

For a student to become a “Knight” of the Round Table, they must be elected to be the representative for their first period class.  The duties of the knights are to make choices for the whole school, vote on them, and have them presented to be approved by Mr. Darrel Rolfe, SJHS principal. 

If students wear their best dress on the appointed days, there will be rewards.  According to Mr. David Knudsen, a vice principal at SJHS, there will be a movie playing during lunch for students who dress up.  There could also be a drawing for candy bars. 

Ben Johnson, an eighth-grade Knight of the Round Table, said, “We decided that everyone in the Knights of the Round Table will dress up.”  Though the Knights at the Round Table will dress up, it may not mean they completely want to.  Adrienne Dallin, a ninth grade knight of the round table said, “I really don’t want to (dress up), but if we agree, I will.” 

To many students, how often these best dress days occur can affect the way they feel about wanting or not wanting to dress up.  Ben suggests having best dress days once a month; Adrienne feels that once a term is more appropriate.  Marissa Carpenter, an eighth grader, said, “Once a month, because it’s a big day to look forward to and you can prepare for that day.”  According to Andalyn Hall, a seventh grader, students should have best dress days twice a month. 

An SJHS U.S. History teacher, Mr. Greg Shields said, “I think [dressing up] will improve student learning.  The reason, in my opinion, is that students tend to behave better when they are dressed up, and usually when students are better behaved, learning increases.”  Mr. David Hansen, the Utah Studies teacher, agreed with Mr. Shields and said, “The better you dress, the better you act.”  Part of SJHS’s mission statement is for students to be “Successful learners,” which is why SJHS wants to Dress for Success.

Katya Wagstaff, SJHS Staff Writer