Springville kids get to eat outside

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One of the most exciting things about starting junior high is that you can earn the privilege to eat outside.  Springville Junior High’s kids are divided into two lunches, first lunch which has eighth and ninth graders, and second lunch which has mostly seventh and eighth graders. Students in first lunch earned the privilege to eat outside just a few weeks ago.
Chelsea Ricks, a ninth grader in first lunch, said, “I like to be outside in the fresh air.” Many kids feel the same way about eating outside. According to Chelsea, kids in first lunch are more mature, so they can pick up their trash. 

Mr. Knudsen, one of the assistant principals at SJHS, said, “When we decide to let the students eat outside we consult with the custodian, and she tells us if the lunch room has been sufficiently clean.”  According to him, first lunch was doing a good job cleaning up their trash from the tables.
Many second lunch students still hope to earn the right to eat outside. Annie Lange, a seventh grader, said, “I want to eat outside to get some fresh air.”  She hopes that kids in second lunch will start to clean up their trash.  According to Mr. Knudsen, if students in second lunch start to clean up after themselves, they will be able to eat outside too.

Christopher Taylor, SJHS Staff Writer