BMX Stunt Team Wows SJHS Students

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On Friday October 23rd, students at Springville Junior High who sold one or more cookie dough tubs for this year's fund raiser got to go see the Stunt Team All Stars do some pretty cool tricks!

The reward for selling cookie dough was a BMX show, it was held in the south parking lot by the Nebo Credit Union. Mr. David Knudsen, one of SJHS’s vice principals, said, “They have performed here before, and it is a very entertaining show.” The performers do some pretty amazing things. Alyssa Nance, a ninth grader, said, “They jumped over the vice principal!!”

The students had ton of fun, the stunt team gave away free stickers and even posters.  Remember don’t try the stunts they did at home. So if you did not see the show this year SELL SOME COOKIE DOUGH and you will next year.


Sarah Jensen, SJHS Staff Writer