Boys' Basketball Tryouts on November 9th

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Tue, 10/27/2009 - 13:40

Ready, set, SCORE! Basketball tryouts are happening November 9th at Springville Junior High. The ninth-grade boys are going to be able to participate in this event and show off there skills to Mr. Shaun Blakey, the basketball coach and counselor here at Springville Junior High.

Basketball tryouts start on Monday, November 9th, and will go for two days. They will begin at 3:00 and go until 5:00 pm. Basketball tryouts will be held in the boys’ gym at the junior high. There will be a mandatory meeting for all the ninth grade boys who would like to tryout on October 20th after school in the auditorium. Mr. Blakey is also holding an open gym on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for anyone who would like to come and prepare for tryouts.

Mr. Blakey has been coaching basketball for two years. He said, “I always look for talent, like any other coach, but also players that are willing to work hard and never give up!” He also feels it is important for a player to be a good student and respect others on and off the court. He wants a team that will give all they have no matter what is asked of them. There will be 12 players on the team, and he would also like to have three or four managers to help.

Some students that will be trying out are Joseph Carter and Jantzen Dalley. Both Joseph and Jantzen think that they will have a good team this year. They both have had a lot of experience. Joseph has been playing since he was three years old, and Jantzen doesn’t even remember! They both like Mr. Blakey. “He’s so tight,” said Jantzen Dalley.

As you can see, both students and Mr. Blakey are very excited for this year’s basketball season. Mr. Blakey believes that we will have a very good team this year.

Hayde Blanco, SJHS Staff Writer