Service Learning Helps with Halloween Dance

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The Service Learning class is busy working on posters for the upcoming dance. The Halloween dance will be held on Thursday, October 29 at 7:00 p.m. The posters help make the dance more “colorful, make it sparkle and have the atmosphere,” said Liz White, a Sercive Learning student at SJHS. 

The students in Service Learning make posters for every dance. The requirements for a good poster are: “They have to be neat, you have to take pride in your poster, and the posters have to do with the subject,” said, Cami Sumsion, a Service Learning student.

Students are allowed to dress up for the dance, but they have to follow the school ndress code. “The rules of the dress up dance are: students have to be modestly dressed, no blood and gore, and there can’t be masks or face paint,” said Mr. David Knudsen, vice principal at Springville Junior High School. Students also have to follow the rules of school, like any other dance.


Chelsea Ricks, SJHS Staff Writer