Chemical reactions in Mr. Kindrick’s class

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Mr. David Kindrick, eighth grade science teacher at SJHS, is doing a class experiment about chemical reactions. They are studying about how the statue of liberty turned green, how you make nylon, how pancake batter changes to pancakes, and other cool stuff.

Each student in Mr. Kindrick's class is doing something different. Students are using computers to research information on the internet. Jordan Kendall, a student in Mr. Kindrick's class, is learning about how the statue of liberty turned green. Jordan said, “The statue of liberty turned green because the salt, the air, and the outside coat that protects the statue of liberty mixed together which made a chemical reaction that turned it green.”

Derek Hansen is learning about how you make nylon. Derek said, “Nylon is a complex fiber. You combine liquids called hexanediolyl dichloride and diaminohexane just to make one strip of nylon”. Mr.Kendrick said, “Chemical reactions take place everyday around us, so it's nice to know why things happen.” 

Andrew Garza, SJHS Staff Writer