Learning More in Honors English

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 12:53

Do you remember those essays you had to do when you were in school? Well writing here at Springville Junior High isn’t too hard to find. Especially for those students who would like to have a better understanding and were brave enough to take Honors English.

Honors English here is taught by only one teacher, and that teacher is Mrs. Mary Rice. According to her, in Honors English students have more choices than students in other English classes. Instead of Mrs. Rice choosing what the class will study, it is, “Whatever the students decide to do,” said Mrs. Rice. “Students pick from a reading list and the subject that has the most votes is what they get to work on.”

Ninth-graders Whitney Norman and D.J. Barnes both agree that their favorite thing they have worked on is reading Dracula. Whitney said, “Reading it as a class helps me understand it more than when I read it alone.” 

People may think that Honors English is a class where they do nothing but work, but students sure do like this class. Whitney said, “It’s just a lot of fun!”  D.J. also likes the teacher. D.J. said, “She interacts with her students more than any other teacher I have met.”

Mrs. Rice has a lot of fun projects planned out for the students in Honors English. According to Mrs. Rice, these projects will be writing, dramatic and presentational projects. So think again, maybe Honors English is a class that eighth grade students might want to take.

Hayde Blanco, SJHS Staff Writer