Books, books and more books at Springville Junior High

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 13:05

Have you been to a library? The smell of leather and dusty pages of a book.  Well, at Springville Junior High this place is more than a library. Everyday before and after school hours, students are welcome to come to the library. Here students can explore the computers and the thousands of books open to them.

Mr. Gary Brimhall has been working at the junior high for seven years, and said, “I absolutely encourage the students to use the library. Reading helps learning in all subjects.”   But Mr. Brimhall isn’t alone in running the library. At Springville Junior, students have the opportunity to become TA’s, or teacher assistants, to help the teachers grade homework or run errands.   One of the library’s assistants is eighth grader Bronson Bartholomew.  “I encourage students to use the library, because they don’t have to pay for books. Also if you leave a TV show you can never come back, but books are always there,” Bronson said.  The library doesn’t just have books, it also has computers, tables and a copy room. Students can check out books with their student ID card and number, but the library has more than just textbooks to offer. Mr. Brimhall said, “We have everything, fantasy, mystery, biographies, history and lots more.”

With everything the junior high library has to offer, students are encouraged to use the library. And with talk of a new Springville Junior High coming soon let’s hope it comes with an awesome library too. 

Julie Barbosa, SJHS Staff Writer