Another Term Begins

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 13:16

As the first term comes to an end at Springville Junior High, another one starts right back up. For students this is an opportunity to get it right the second term; students like Kaleb Barnum, an eighth grader at SJHS, said, “it’s a fresh start, all my grades are A’s.”

During term two, many students are bound and determined to get better grades from last term. Mr. Shaun Blakey, school counselor, said that one way to get better grades is to “Just do it!” He also suggested that students stay organized and use the writing and math labs after school if they fall a little behind.

The second term and the fourth term are both 45 days long, two of the shorter terms. But the second term includes more holidays, which means more days off which for students is one thing to look forward.  Term two began on November 2, 2009 and will conclude January 14, 2010 

Max Schreiner, SJHS Staff Writer