Students Test Their Artistic Ability in Chinese

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Tue, 11/17/2009 - 09:35

The Chinese class at Springville Junior High School is having a contest. Students made posters, and these posters will be entered into a contest sponsored by the Utah Foreign Language Association. The theme this year is “One Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures”.

“I will be awarding a prize at the school level, and then the winner of the school will be entered into the statewide contest which will be judged November 5th,” Mrs. Debra Wells, teacher of the Chinese class, explained. The students will not be graded on artistic ability, but on whether or not they made an effort and followed the theme. Since this is for Utah Foreign Language Association, contest participants are just supposed to choose any foreign language and interpret the theme on their poster with the chosen language. But many students chose to do it on the Chinese language and culture.

Brandon Brundage, a ninth-grade student of Mrs. Wells, was for a long time unsure what he was going to do for this contest. He said, “ I’m excited, because I want money, and this contest will let me bring out my creativity.”

The prize for first place of the state-level contest is two-hundred and fifty dollars. Second place prize at state-level is one-hundred and fifty dollars. In addition, the schools of all winning posters will be rewarded one-hundred and fifty dollars for their foreign language programs.

At the school level, Mrs. Wells will be giving a prize, either gift certificate or cash. First place will be worth twenty dollars and the second place will be worth five dollars. Students voted on November 3rd for their favorite piece. Teachers will also vote for the best, and then they take the winner to the state level contest for the chance to win.

The winners class winners have been chosen and the first place winner was Jenny Monico, eigth grade student. second place was Hannah Reinhart, eighth grade student, and third place was Kat Smith, ninth grade student. Jenny’s project was sent on to the state contest.

Kenia Martinez, SJHS Staff Writer