Getting Published at SJHS

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The first school newspaper was a big hit around the school. But many students school-wide do not know the hard work and dedication it took to write all of the articles and publish it into a newspaper. Read on to learn about the process it took to make the newspaper.

“We had to wait almost the entire first term before we had enough articles to publish into a newspaper,” said Max Schreiner, a journalism student at SJHS. The process of making a single article takes about a week. It starts with journalism students picking an article topic, then they brainstorm ideas for your article like who can be interviewed and what you need to know.

Next, journalism students interview people who have something to do with their chosen topic. Then they use an "inverted pyramid," which looks like an upside-down pyramid to plan out their article in order of importance, with the most important information being shared at the beginning of the article.

After planning out the article, journalism students then write the first draft; but that’s not the end of it. After that they get a "Peer Review" which is when one of the fellow journalism students read the article and make sure it is ready for the second draft. They then get their article edited by another student, and after making all their changes, turn their article to Ms. Miley for the final editing and grading process.

"I don't grade too hard--I just make sure that the basic requirements for news writing are met.  But I do edit pretty carefully since our articles end up in the newspaper," explained Ms. Tiffanie Miley, the journalism teacher at SJHS. After students get their articles back, they take a picture and email Ms. Miley their finalized article.  Ms. Miley formats the school newspaper and sends it to the Springville Herald, who then sends it to the printer.

"When I see my article published in the paper I feel excited,” said Jacob DeRosia, another Journalism student at SJHS, “it’s pretty cool to see something you wrote in a newspaper.” Even though it’s a lot of work to get the newspaper up and running, it’s very rewarding in the end. We enjoy your comments on the newspaper and hope you enjoy the new ones to come!

Cody Woolsey SJHS Staff Writer