Mrs. Carpenter: science teacher at SJHS

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Fri, 11/20/2009 - 13:30

Mrs. Lise Carpenter has taught science at Springville Junior High School for the last 14 years.  Before she started teaching at SJHS she taught high school for four years in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Mrs. Carpenter said, “There are many things I like about SJHS. I like the students and teachers, I love how the school is always clean and bright, and I like the motivational posters on the walls. I think there is a good energy in our school which helps all of us to succeed.”

Mrs. Carpenter said, “I teach science because before I was a teacher I was a medical technologist and worked in a hospital and clinic laboratories. I always liked science and at one point in my life I decided to go back to school, get a teaching certificate, and make a career change. It has been great for me and my family."

Collin Pope, a student at SJHS, said “Mrs. Carpenter is nice.  She makes sense when she explains science, and, I think she is a good teacher.”

Mrs. Carpenter loves to read books in her spare time, especially medical mysteries. She also likes to play the piano and go shopping. Mrs. Carpenter and her husband like to travel.  On her next trip she is going to Orlando, Florida. She is going to spend a few days at Disney World (along with Disneyland, one of her two favorite places to go).  She has five grandchildren, almost six, all girls and one boy. They love to get together and eat and play. Mrs. Carpenter is looking forward to May when her youngest son is coming home from his mission in Belgium.          


Andrew Garza, SJHS Staff Writer