Mrs. Murdock: Finance Secretary at SJHS

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Mrs. Janine Murdock is the finance secretary at Springville Junior High.  Mrs. Murdock’s job is to handle the school’s finances and to find substitutes for the teachers.  Mrs. Murdock’s busiest days are getting 900 students registered for school in the fall and collecting end of year fines in May so everyone can get their yearbooks.  Mrs. Brenda Bales, the attendance secretary at SJHS, said another way Mrs. Murdock helps the school is, “She’s a great friend to all the teachers, new and old.”

Mrs. Murdock started working here at SJHS in 1989.  She started as a skill building supervisor with Mrs. Joye Wimmer, tardy secretary at SJHS.  Mrs. Wimmer has been working with Mrs. Murdock for “many years.”  Mrs. Bales has been working with Mrs. Murdock for 15 years.  After working in skill building, Mrs. Murdock spent five years as the attendance secretary.  After she was the attendance secretary she was the counseling secretary for another five years before moving into the front office to handle the finances.  According to Mrs. Murdock, she has worked for five principals at SJHS since starting in 1989.

Mrs. Murdock said, “I actually attended Springville Junior High seventh through ninth grade, many years ago. Mr. Steve Robbins was one of my classmates."  Mrs. Murdock also said, “Our lunchroom was downstairs in the area where the art room is.  Before the school was remodeled the front office was a large concrete staircase leading up to the front doors.”  Mrs. Murdock has a lot of history with SJHS.

“I love my job and the students and staff I am able to work with,” said Mrs. Murdock.  According to her, this is sometimes like her home away from home.

Spencer Duncan, SJHS Staff Writer