New Moon Craze at SJHS

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What is it that girls can’t wait for any longer? It’s New Moon. Many girls have been anticipating the release of New Moon, the second of four movies in the Twilight Saga.

Mrs. Mary Rice, an English teacher at SJHS, said she got into the series when a friend told her that Stephanie Meyer was going to be talking about Twilight at BYU. She then went and  read the books.

As much as the books are loved, most can agree that they aren’t perfect. Victoria Ireland, an eighth grade student, said, “The beginnings are really slow.” Savannah McNitt, another eighth grade student, said, “Bella is so ditzy.”

One of the greatest things about this book is the characters. Many people fight over who is better, Edward the vampire whom Bella is in love with, or Jacob the werewolf, whom is Bella’s best friend. According to Savannah, she likes Jacob because he is cuter in the movie. “I like both; it just depends,” said, Victoria.

So whether they are a Jacob fan or Edward fan, lots of students and teachers are excited for this movie.

Morgan Bowser, SJHS Staff Writer