Contestants participating in Make it With Wool contest

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Last week the Make it With Wool competition took place at Mapleton Junior High School. The Make it With Wool competitors sew outfits that are at least 60% wool.  The contestants who entered this competition spent many hard hours working on their projects.

The night before the fashion show of Make it with Wool, the contestants had their item judged. The judges base 40% of their evaluation on sewing and 60% on fashion, marketability, and how the contestants accessorize. After that night, the contestants smiled for the cameras and showed what their hard work was for: the fashion show.

If the contestants win districts, they have the opportunity to go to state to compete with people from all over the state. If they win state they then go to nationals to compete!    

Caryn Crandall, a ninth-grade contestant in Make it with Wool, has been doing this competition for a long time. She enjoys doing it because, “It’s fun to learn about sewing, and I love shopping for all of the accessories.” It took Caryn a very long time to sew her outfit that she entered with. Caryn made a skirt, jacket, and dress all made out of wool. It took a lot of hard work, but Caryn said she enjoyed doing it! Caryn Crandall competed against high school students and took fourth place; she'll be continuing onto state.

Chelsea Ricks, SJHS Staff Writer