Mrs. Sue Tarin, Teacher, Secretary, and Friend at SJHS

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Springville Junior High is blessed to have so many wonderful faculty members to work with and rely upon. One of these many members is Mrs. Sue Tarin, Springville Junior High’s new counseling secretary and friend.

“I love working with Mrs. Tarin; she’s nice and is also very helpful,” Mrs. Monica Distefano, a counselor at Springville Junior High, said.

“I started working here because I already worked for the district and I was looking for a full time job. When this one became available, I took it,” Mrs. Tarin explained.

Mrs. Distefano explained that Mrs. Tarin has a big job. “There is a lot to learn and remember. She’s done a great job of jumping in and figuring things out,” she explained. 

Mrs. Tarin is more than just a secretary. She is also a mother and friend. “One of my hobbies, I guess, would be considered raising my family,” Mrs. Tarin explained. 

“I like having my mom work here, she’s always right there if I need her to sign some papers or other things,” Veronica Tarin, a seventh-grader at Springville Junior High and the youngest child of Mrs. Tarin, said.

Mrs. Tarin tries her best to look out for everyone around her. “If I could change one thing about this school, I would take away some of the trials and hardships that some students have to face at this age. It’s not fair at this age, to have to go through some of these things.” 

Mrs. Tarin, just like anyone else, has her fair share of dreams she would like to soon accomplish. “I’ve always wanted to learn how to golf and fly fish,” she confessed. “My kids make fun of me, but I think it would be fun to learn.”

Mrs. Tarin enjoys working at Springville Junior High and hopes to keep working for the next few years. “I’m looking forward to spending the next twenty or so years working here, until retirement.”

Kara Dunn, SJHS Staff Writer