Mr. Kindrick’s class: Helping the environment

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This week in Mr. David Kindrick’s eighth-grade science class, everyone is looking a little bit greener. Mr. Kindrick is teaching his students about the environment and how important it is to us living on this earth. “We impact the environment,” said Mr. Kindrick, the eighth grade science teacher at Springville Junior High.

A part of this unit is for students to design and create their own logo. Students will then pick the best logo out of all Mr. Kindrick’s classes, and it will be printed on a T-shirt. “Students are very creative,” said Mr. Kindrick, “I expect quality work.” Students then have the option to purchase a T-shirt for three dollars.

By making these T-shirts, Mr. Kindrick hopes that Springville Junior High will help the environment, as well as display the creativity that the SJHS students wield. “It’s good to know that SJHS is doing their part to go green,” said Katya Wagstaff, an eighth grader at Springville Junior High. Who knows, maybe SJHS could change the world by showing off their new go green T-shirts!

Cody Woolsey, SJHS Staff Writer