Kelly Anderson: PE Teacher at SJHS

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At Springville Junior High there have been various physical education teachers throughout the years, and they have all come and gone. But Mrs. Kelly Anderson, the girls' PE teacher, has been teaching at Springville Junior High for over twenty years, and those twenty years have been very fun for her.

“I thought Springville would be a great community to teach in. I had done my student teaching at Springville Junior High School in 1981 with Mrs. Harding. She was the girls PE teacher back then,” Mrs. Anderson explained.  Teachers have to have a little bit of experience before they start teaching at a new school, that often helps them to have a more fluent and precise teaching style.

“It's been fun, challenging, and I've taught a lot of great students and met many wonderful faculty members,” said Mrs. Anderson.  “I can retire in three years, but I'm not so sure I will be ready then,” said Mrs. Anderson.  Mrs. Anderson's students have enjoyed their stay with her, and she the same with her students.


Jose Martinez, SJHS Staff Writer