Educating for 41 years at SJHS

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This year at SJHS a teacher is spending her 41st year educating. This teacher is Mrs. Vonnie Burton. Mrs. Burton teaches English, which most enjoy because of her. Mrs. Burton has fun things planned for her students. “All sorts of ‘PUNishment’.” She joked.

Maddie Joyner, an eighth-grade student, said that Mrs. Burton always has jokes to tell. But it’s not just the students that have nice things to say. “My favorite thing is my students,” Mrs. Burton said. Mrs. Burton said that it is her calling to teach.

Maddie said that her class is “very easy and very fun.” Eighth-grade students are learning about Edger Allan Poe. They have been finding out about his life, and will be reading some of his work.

Ninth graders are reading Romeo and Juliet, the tragic and classic story written by William Shakespeare. After 41 years, students and faculty hope Mrs. Burton will stay at SJHS much longer.

Brooke Seaton, SJHS Staff Writer