Team Captain Jantzen Dalley Motivates Team through Season

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Twelve people made the boys basketball team this year, and two of those twelve were voted as team captains. One of those captains is Jantzen Dalley. Jantzen loves basketball; he has been playing basketball since he was in third grade and has loved it from the beginning. This year he made the junior high school basketball team. Before the third practice, the team voted on team captains for the year. Mr. Shaun Blakey, basketball team head coach, told the team, “You should vote for someone who you think will be a good leader, will be able to push you to your limits and make us a better team as a whole.”

Jantzen said, for him, basketball is the best sport because, “It’s a high intensity, quick paced, fun game,” When he went to one of the games last year he said he thought the intensity level was a lot higher than his accelerated games which made him look forward to playing on the team even more than before.

His basketball idol is Michael Jordan, with LeBron James as a close second. The reason Michael is ahead of LeBron is because he was the best there ever was, and Jantzen wants to be the best there ever was.


Max Schreiner, SJHS Staff Writer