Learning about calories in Mr. Chambers's class

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Hasn’t everyone thought about a healthy way to lose or gain weight? Well, in Mr. Ryan Chambers's health class students are learning how to both gain and lose weight. Mr. Chambers is teaching his students what will help people lose weight in a healthy way, limiting calories slowly will help with weight loss.  To gain weight, people should slowly start eating more and drink all-natural juice like orange juice or apple juice.

Mr. Chambers likes to teach this subject because he likes to help the kids know that there are other options other than anorexia or bulimia. But he also wants students to know how to gain weight in a healthy way, but not get unhealthy by eating everything they see. Mr. Chambers said, “It’s scary to think that the number one killer is heart disease, and it is something that can be prevented by regulating the nutrients we put into our bodies.”

Kaleb Barnum, SJHS Staff Writer