Mixing Music With DJ Creative

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Ernesto Sandoval, ninth-grade student at Sringville Junior High school, is a DJ. He and his brohter have their own DJ business called “Luz Y Sonido” which translated into English means “Light and Sound.” Erney has been a DJ for only about a couple of months. He uses is a laptop, turntables, mixers, speakers and a program called Virtual DJ. “They’re pretty expensive, but really worth it,” said Erney.

Erney uses a lot of turntables and effects. He and his brother mostly put Mexican music into their performances because that’s what their customers mostly want. But they also mix in hip hop and reggaeton.  His DJ name is “DJ Creative” and “Luz Y Sonido” is going pretty well.  Erney said that they actually have quite a few customers and the places they mostly play are at quinceaneras, birthdays and weddings. “All have been satisfied with our work,” Erney informs. Unfortunately though, no one from this school has ever seen Erney and his brother perform.

DJ stands for “Disc Jockey.” Several techniques are used by DJ’s as means to better mix and blend recorded music. The role of selecting and playing recorded music for an audience is the same for every disc jockey. The selected music, the audience, the setting, the preferred medium, and the level of sophistication of sound manipulation are factors that differentiate the various DJ types.

Kenia Martinez, SJHS Staff Writer