Mrs. Crane: New Eighth-Grade Counselor

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Mrs. Anne Crane is new to SJHS this year. She is an eighth-grade counseling intern. Mrs. Crane works with Mrs. Linton to keep an eye on kids with low grades and encourage them to do better. They also are there to listen when kids need someone to talk to.

Mrs. Crane has also worked as a substitute, French and geography teacher, and a tutor for home-bound students. Right now she is also teaching at Spanish Fork High School.
When Mrs. Crane has free time she enjoys camping, fishing, and taking road trips to scenic places. She just became a grandma on November ninth for the first time. She enjoys looking at pictures of my new grandson who lives in Dallas, Texas. “I wish he lived here so I could play with him,” she explained.
Out of everything about the junior high, Mrs. Crane enjoys the kids the most. “I’ve overcome the bumps in the road and want to share what I’ve learned with the students to help them be successful and happy!”
“Mrs. Crane is so willing to help and be involved in every activity,” said Sue Tarin, the counseling office secretary. “ We will miss her when she has to leave.”


Morgan Bowser, SJHS Staff Writer