Springville Junior High counselor: Mrs. Linton

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Mrs. Monica Linton is one of the eighth-grade counselors at Springville Junior High. Mrs. Linton has been a counselor at Springville Junior High for two years. “I first met the administrators and counselors here and thought it would be a great place to work.  I’m sure that this is the best place to be,” said Mrs. Linton

“As a counselor, I meet with students for all kinds of reasons. From schedule changes to problems with friends or school, to celebrating good grades and hard work,” said Mrs. Linton. Hayde Blanco, an eighth-grade student, said, “I have known Mrs. Linton from the beginning of the school year, she is really nice.” She also meets with teachers, parents and other counselors to see how she can help students be happy and successful.

Mrs. Linton loves children and animals. She has five children, a bearded dragon and two corn snakes! She spends her free time watching high school wrestling tournaments, dance competitions, football games and playing “Sorry” and “Uno.”

Sarah Jensen, SJHS Staff Writer