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The creativity at Springville Junior High is booming as 17 students from SJHS become reflection winners.  According to the PTA Reflections website, Reflections is a program where the PTA challenges students to create art inspired by a specific theme. Themes are selected from hundreds of ideas submitted by students to the PTA Reflections Program Theme Search. This year’s theme is “Beauty is …” Reflections started in October.

Entries are submitted to and judged at the local level and the top entries are forwarded to the next level of judging. Each local and state PTA determines how to recognize and award the participants. The entries that make the national level of judging receive Honorable Mention, Award of Merit, Award of Excellence, or Outstanding Interpretation Award.

Crystal Johnson, a student at SJHS, said she does reflections because she enjoys drawing, and she always has her scratch book with her. Alexis Miller, another student at SJHS, said that she did reflections this year because she thought it would be fun. She said, “It’s fun to be able to do art work because it gets your imagination going.” She took a photograph of a rose for reflections because she was taking pictures, and she thought she should enter her picture for reflections.

Kristi Hatch, a ninth-grader at SJHS, said, “I did Reflections because I enjoy expressing myself through things I created.” She also said, “What I like about reflections is that so many students have something in common, yet they are all different and unique.” Kristi did a musical composition because she has been playing music ever since she can remember, “it’s a great outlet,” she said. “Reflections are about students sharing their talent and expressing themselves through art.”

Kade Carter, a student at SJHS, said he likes reflections a lot. He said, “For reflections, I made a hand print to symbolize everyone is different, I also wrote beauty is within.” Kade thinks reflections are about putting creativity on paper.

Reflections go on every year and to learn more about it go to                                     



Andrew Garza, SJHS Staff Writer