Team Captain Derek Boyer Helps Team to Victory

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Twelve people made the boys basketball team this year, and two of those twelve were voted team captain. One of those captains is Derek Boyer. Derek has been playing basketball since he was born and has always loved it. This year he made the junior high basketball team by using his amazing shooting, dribbling, and passing skills.

On the day of the third practice before the team started practicing, Coach Shaun Blakey called everyone over and had them vote on team captains. He said “I want you to vote for someone who you think would be a good leader, be able to push you to your limits, and make us better as a team.” The vote was unanimous; Derek would be one of the captains.

Derek’s favorite thing about playing basketball is scoring! “I just love the feel of knowing I got my team points to help us win.” He also loves making a nice assist and having that sweet sensation just knowing that he was responsible for making that happen.

His basketball idol is Michael Jordan because he had so much heart for the game and that’s what Derek wants to be known as, the guy with all the heart.


Max Schreiner, SJHS Staff Writer