7th graders writing autobiographies

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Tue, 01/05/2010 - 13:41

Did you ever write an autobiography? The students in Mr. Steven Robbins’ class are writing one right now. Mr. Robbins has been teaching English and doing these autobiographies since 1990.  However, he took eight years off to teach Geography. “My favorite thing about having my students write these essays is watching students get into writing them,” said Mr. Robbins.

Mr. Robbins teaches seventh-grade English. Haylee Duncan, a seventh grader at SJHS in Mr. Robbins’ class, said, “In class we read, do journal entries, he reads to us, and lots more!” There are seven chapters in the autobiography. The first chapter is called “What about Grandma and Grandpa?” The first chapter is about the students’ grandparents. The students have about two to three weeks to write an at least one full page typed or one-half very neatly written single-spaced pages. Mr. Robbins gives the students a guide so they are not writing it all on their own. The guide helps them to make sure they have everything they need.

Chapter two is called “How My Parents Met.” The students in Mr. Robbins’ class have not gotten this assignment yet, however, it will be assigned to them soon. This essay needs to include when and how they became engaged, when and where they were married, who performed the marriage, about the reception and more. “The parents essay will be due sometime in January,” said Mr. Robbins.

Following chapters focus on later parts of the students' lives.  The last chapter is called “Who am I?”  This essay need to have the students describe themselves and include their feelings about life, values, hopes, goals, things most important to them.

There is another part it is not a whole essay, it is an epilogue. It needs to be hand written and should be addressed to future generations. Include the students’ plans for the future and it needs to be signed and dated at the end. Mr. Robbins's classes are going to write an interesting autobiography. Mr. Robbins hopes they enjoy writing it.

Sarah Jensen, SJHS Staff Writer