David Kindrick: Athlete and Teacher at SJHS

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Tue, 01/05/2010 - 14:32

A great component to the quality teaching in both schooling and sports at Springville Junior High is thanks in part to Mr. David Kindrick. Mr. Kindrick teaches science at SJHS, coaches the girls' basketball team, and also helps out with the track team.

Mr. Kindrick has been teaching for nine years, eight of those years at SJHS. The other schools he has taught at include East Hardy Early Middle School and Timpview High School.  Mr. Kindrick is currently teaching and has mostly taught eighth-grade integrated science. He has also taught body conditioning and study skills. “I really like the ecology section [of eighth grade science] because I get to integrate a lot of art,” said Mr. Kindrick.

Mr. Kindrick doesn’t just teach in the classroom; he teaches both on the basketball court and out in the field for track. McKenzie Morris, a member of the ninth-grade girls' basketball team, said, “He is a good coach. He is very assertive and knows a lot about the game.”

Some of his favorite things to do outside of school are sports, puzzles, and reading. He is a big fan of science fiction books. Like most people, Mr. Kindrick also enjoys spending time with his friends and family.


Jacob Simmons, SJHS Staff Writer