Coach Parker, SJHS PE teacher

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Some would say that Springville Junior High has been a very lucky school for 10 years straight. They would be referring to the fact that the boys' PE coach, Michael Parker, has been instructing students for 10 years at Springville Junior High. “I hate grading, so PE seems the spot for me!” said Coach Parker. According to Coach Parker, he received a minor in PE which let him teach, even though his Bachelor's degree is in Geology.

Throughout the semester, students play a variety of sports in boys' PE. Eighth-grade student Tyler Condie’s favorite sport played in boys' PE is volleyball. “It’s a fun and easy game that anyone can get,” said Tyler. “And it’s easy rules, so [there are] no mistakes.” Another eighth-grade student, Jay Biesinger, said that his favorite PE sport is pickleball. “It’s like tennis, except with a wooden paddle and a wiffleball,” said Jay.

“[Coach Parker] does a good job of letting us play, and not so much talking!” said Max Schreiner, an eighth grade boys PE student.

Jack Setzer, SJHS Staff Writer