Mr. Mikesell: English Teacher at SJHS

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Springville Junior High School is very pleased with their English department. One of the men that helps make the department so successful is Mr. Trent Mikesell, seventh-grade English teacher.

Mr. Mikesell is working on his fourth year as a teacher. He has taught at three schools: Payson Middle School, Pocatello High School, and of course, Springville Junior High. He has taught grades seventh through ninth, as well as eleventh. “I like seventh best of all, especially in a junior high. They are so new and really enjoy coming to school,” he said. 

“I really like teaching, it is truly the ideal job for me,” said Mr. Mikesell, “I like that each day is varied, and that I get to work directly with people.”  According to Mr. Mikesell, he chose to teach because both of his parents had taught. “It is in my blood,” he said. Originally he wanted to be a music teacher; however after taking a few music classes in college, he decided to change. He chose another of his favorite hobbies: reading.

Mr. Mikesell also helps out with the school’s “Gifted and Talented” program. The program is for a group advanced students in each grade level, which get to go on various activities throughout the year to places like the Utah Capitol, or museums close to home. “Mr. Mikesell has a great sense of creativity which contributes a lot to the program,” said Ethan Trunnell, a ninth-grade student in the program. While Mr. Mikesell is still new to the program and learning his way around what they do, he says, “it’s fun to see the students outside of the classroom and do fun things with them.”

Outside of school, Mr. Mikesell enjoys playing the piano, reading, and going to his parents’ cabin in Island Park, Idaho. While there, he and his family ride four wheelers, go snowmobiling, and canoeing. Something many people don’t know is that Mr. Mikesell likes skiing, although he claims he is not very good at it. Mr. Mikesell stated, “If I had unlimited money, I would want to travel all over the world in my free time.”

Jacob Simmons, SJHS Staff Writer