New Reformer at Springville Junior High School

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At Springville Junior High School there is the new skill building instructor, Mr. Josh Hakes. While he isn’t teaching any classes, he is helping out with skill building upstairs. He is only here half days, but he is still of great help and greatly admired by students and teachers.

“I am new to this school this year. I am majoring in math and getting a minor in science. I want to become a teacher,” said Mr. Hakes. Mr. Hakes is new to Springville Junior High School and has so far been enjoying his job, and as he said enjoys helping the youth. He is still in college and plans to be a teacher.

“My original plan was to teach high school, but after working here I really enjoy this junior high,” said Mr. Hakes.  Skill building is a classroom that is used for kids who either get into a lot of trouble or have a lot of late/absences.

“I will stay here as long as they let me,” said Mr. Hakes.  Springville Junior High School is happy to accept Mr. Hakes as a new helper at the school.

Jose Martinez, SJHS Staff Writer