Mr. Rolfe- Springville Junior High Principal

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 17:15

With every school there is a principal behind it, one who runs the fundraisers, does the school assemblies, supervises students, and encourages staff members.  The principal behind Springville Junior High is Mr. Darrel Rolfe.

Mr. Darrel Rolfe has been principal of Springville Junior High for three years and continues going strong. Prior to leading SJHS, Mr. Rolfe worked at Spanish Fork High as a teacher, guidance counselor and assistant principal.  Mr. Rolfe said, “I am excited to be here. I have enjoyed the transition from high school to the junior high. Both have their advantages, but this has been a good experience for me.”  With all the hectic work, Mr. Rolfe isn’t alone in running this busy school. Mrs. Courtney Johnson and Mr. David Knudsen are vice principals, ready at his side to help. Mrs. Johnson said, “Mr. Rolfe is very intelligent man, who really cares about the kids and teachers. He also has a really great sense of humor.”

There is talk of a new Springville Junior High going to be built, even with a new building the knights will live on. Mr. Rolfe said, “We continue to work on our school sprit each year. Much has been done to display our logo in the school and help students identify with the KNIGHTS. Over the next few years as we move through the process of building a new school, we will look at many changes and improvements.”  Springville Junior High Knights are effective communicators, responsible citizens and respectful learners.

Julie Barbosa, SJHS Staff Writer