Students Create Their Own Faustian Bargain at SJHS

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Over the past few weeks, students in Mrs. Mary Rice’s honors English class have been working hard to create there very own renditions of a “Faustian Bargain.”

In the story Dr. Faustus a very intelligent scholar sells his soul to the devil and in return, the devil grants the man his every wish for a number of years. The students in Mrs. Rice’s class have been making their own versions of this exchange. They are making up stories that involve a character giving up something of long term importance for something of immediate gain. The ideas the students have come up with ideas that vary from a jungle scene to an ocean scene, and they involve all different kinds of characters such as lions, fish, and llamas.

After the students come up with an idea, they ponder on ways to share it. They can do a skit, a puppet show, or pretty much anything else they can come up with. The students create the scenery, the character, and the voices in each scenario.

All of this is in preparation to read the classic novel, Dr. Faustus. After the skits the students of Mrs. Rice’s class read about the real Faustian Bargain. The main purpose of all of this was explained by Mrs. Rice, “I am really aiming for students to understand how sophisticated authors layer stories together. The layering indicts the original story in some ways and affirms it others. Lots of times young people think that they have to come up with an entirely new story, which is not the case. One of the traits of brilliant authors is that they can tell an old story in way that sounds fresh and relevant for modern audiences.”

Jacob Simmons, SJHS Staff Writer