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This week is the last week that journalism will be available this school year. Students have enjoyed writing about different events from around the school. From student and teacher spotlights to school-wide happenings, the journalism students have covered nearly everything.

Ms.Tiffanie Miley has taught journalism this year. Ms. Miley enjoyed teaching the class and described her Journalism students as a group of great writers who are motivated to do good work. “I've been really impressed with what my journalism students have written this year--both in quantity and quality,” said Ms. Miley. The journalism students have done so well that Ms. Miley cannot think of a way that the students can improve in their writing.

Andrew Garza is an eighth-grade journalism student this semester. Andrew is sad that these are his last days as a journalism student. He’s had fun writing a wide variety of articles for this class. All the students in the journalism class can agree that their writing has improved since they’ve taken this class. “I think my writing has improved. I can be more descriptive when I write,” said Andrew. Andrew’s favorite article was one he wrote about what students were planning on doing for Christmas.

Sarah Jensen is another eighth-grade student in the journalism class. Her favorite article was one she wrote on Mr. Booth because it was fun to learn about band. “Yes!” Sarah said, explaining that the journalism class has indeed helped her in her writing, “I write tons better!”  Sarah isn’t particularly happy about leaving Journalism this semester because she enjoyed getting published, and she thinks that the class is really fun.

This semester will not be the end of news from SJHS, however. Next semester, a couple of former journalism students may end up writing articles. The scheduling is still being worked out, and Ms. Miley really hopes it happens. There will also be a journalism class next year for eighth and ninth grade students.



SJHS Staff Writers:

Front row, left to right:  Jack Setzer, Spencer Duncan, Jacob DeRosia and Cody Woolsey.  Second row:  Jacob Simmons, Brooke Seaton, Morgan Bowser, Hayde Blanco and Christopher Taylor.  Third row:  Cheslea Ricks, Kenia Martinez, Julie Barbosa, Katya Wagstaff and Sarah Jensen.  Back row:  Max Schreiner, Andrew Garza, Jose Martinez and Kara Dunn.

Kenia Martinez, SJHS Staff Writer