The Best Christmas Presents Ever

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Every Christmas morning, little kids and others who wish they were little kids, wake up early to rush downstairs to see what presents are peeking out from under the Christmas tree.  They tear the wrapping paper off as fast as they can, after all, who cares about the wrapping paper, right?  This would describe everyone who completely loves Christmas and can’t wait to see what they received.  Coming back to school after the Christmas break is when many students compare what they got and what their friends got.  Every year there are certain items that it seems everyone has received for Christmas. 

Among Springville Junior High students, some of the most popular gifts this year are iPods, cameras and, as every year, clothes.  According to Jamie Devenish, a seventh grader, her favorite gift this year was an iPod Touch because they have tons of things you can do with them.  Katelynn Marshall, an eighth grader, loves her new iPod touch because she has been “wanting one for a long time!”  According to Cynthia Esklund, another eighth grader, her favorite gift this year was a Nikon digital camera. 

Other Christmas gifts aren’t as common, but still well-loved this year for SJHS students, for example, Bailey Cox, an eighth grader received a laptop.  According to her, it was her favorite gift because she can now take her computer wherever she wants.  A seventh grader, Morgan Dunn received a bow and arrow.  He loves it because, as he said, “It makes me feel like a hunter.”  Zoe Baldwin, a seventh grader, loves her new Wii because you “get a workout while playing video games.” 

Teachers are big fans of Christmas as well.  Ms. Josie Jarvis, the SJHS Business CTE teacher said, “I love Christmas and always will!  The only thing that has changed is that I am more excited to give my gifts than receive gifts.”  Though she loves to give gifts, according to her, she loved a cute orange purse from Buckle given to her by her mom.  That just shows that at any age, SJHS loves Christmas, along with everyone else. 

Katya Wagstaff, SJHS Staff Writer