Unique Musicians Develop their Talents at SJHS

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Almost everyone has heard of someone who plays instruments like the violin, flute or trumpet.  There are many junior high students that play these instruments, especially since students can learn how to play them in band and orchestra.  But not that many students play instruments like the mandolin, harp, guitar, djembe, and oboe. SJHS has its fair share of these unique musicians who have all found great ways to express themselves through their music.

Lyndsay Wheeler, an eighth-grade harpist at SJHS, loves music. Along with playing the harp, she finds other ways to express herself through her music, like percussion or piano.  She said, “For me music is just amazing.  I love letting my fingers roll through the chords.” But, according to Lyndsay, playing the harp can be difficult sometimes, especially when she is learning a new song. She said, “Practicing is the hardest part about playing the harp because you want the song to be perfect right then.”

Jackson Averett, an eight-grade guitarist at SJHS, agrees with Lyndsay. According to him, practicing a song that you’ve never even heard before is one of the hardest parts of playing the guitar.  But he thinks playing the guitar can be fun sometimes too. He said, “Playing the guitar is a great way to get my mind off of things.”


Christopher Taylor, SJHS Staff Writer