Mrs. Bass Cool English Teacher at SJHS

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SJHS has many amazing teachers. One of them is Mrs. Elizabeth Bass. Mrs. Bass teaches eighth grade English. “I have a passion for ideas, knowledge, and feelings. Words when they are strategically expressed, can make me laugh, bring me to tears, help me see the beauty in the world and the people in it, and help me better understand it,” said Mrs. Bass.

Mrs. Bass has been teaching for eight years now and has taught at Landmark High School as well as SJHS. “She is so nice and she explains everything so well; the assignments are really easy and don’t take up to much time,” said Victoria Ireland, an eighth-grade student. Jace Hartman, a ninth-grade student at SJHS, said, “Mrs. Bass is the coolest teacher at SJHS.”
When Mrs. Bass has free time, she enjoys being with her family, reading, traveling, singing, learning new things, making things, and playing sports. She loves teaching because she loves when she can see understanding or new ideas in students eyes. She loves seeing them take something they learned in class and apply it into their own life.

Morgan Bowser, SJHS Staff Writer