SJHS Students Participate in Honor Orchestra

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You always hear about Honor Choirs and Marching Bands, or in other words, extra-curricular activities for band and choir members.  But this year, Nebo School District has put together an Honor Orchestra.  Each school had about ten or twelve students who got to go to Springville High School on Thursday, January 21st to participate in this program.

These students were under the direction of Dr. Dabczynski, a professor at Brigham Young University.  They only had two rehearsals to get their music perfected before their concert: a four-hour rehearsal on the 21st, and an all-day practice on the 26th, and then they returned for a concert that night at 7:00. 
Ten students from Springville Jr. were able to participate in this great opportunity.   Caryn Crandall, a violinist, said, “I thought it would be a good experience and look good on my college application.”   Honor Orchestra was a great place to make new friends from other schools, learn new music, and to have fun. 

The students really enjoyed the conductor. “[Dr. Dabczynski was] very professional and organized,” said Mark Singleton, a cellist.  Elizabeth Elliott, a violinist, also said, “He’s an amazingly cool and talented person.”

This experience was definitely different than the normal orchestra experience.  They had about 72 people participating, so it was definitely a bigger sound. “The Honor Orchestra is a lot larger than the Springville Junior High Orchestra,” said Elizabeth Elliott.  This was also a great experience to meet new friends and associate with other young musicians their age.  Caryn Crandall remarked, “You get to meet new people and you only get to rehearse together for a few hours.” 

Kristi Hatch, SJHS Staff Writer