SJHS Journalism Class performs superbly at PTA presentation

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On January 20th, Springville Junior High’s journalism class gave a presentation to the district PTA board about what goes on in the journalism class and how they write their articles.  “Whenever the district PTA has a meeting, it’s hosted at a different school. The schools are asked to give a presentation for the PTA members, and Mr. Rolfe asked that the journalism class give the presentation at our school,” Ms. Miley, the journalism teacher, explained.

The journalism class worked together to make a video explaining the process they go through everyday and their thoughts about the different steps. Three students wrote up introductions and introduced themselves and the journalism class to the PTA members and school principals in attendance.

“I really appreciate all that the students have done to prepare for this presentation. I think it portrays a very good message about the academic climate at the junior high,” Mr. Rolfe, principal at Springville Junior High, said. 

Although the students worked hard on their presentation, Ms. Miley really made the presentation possible. “Ms. Miley has helped this class come alive to the students,” Mr. Rolfe observed.   “I believe it was very obvious to those who saw the presentation that our students are totally involved in the class and learning these wonderful principles of writing,” Mr. Rolfe said.

“I’m glad that the community reads what my journalism students have written throughout the semester. There are so many good things that go on at Springville Junior High, and I’m glad that we get a chance to share them.” Ms. Miley commented.

The journalism class has also been asked to give a follow up on this presentation to the Nebo School Board on February 10th about how they feel and why they enjoy journalism.  

Kara Dunn, SJHS Staff Writer