Weightlifting with Mr. Hansen

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 02/08/2010 - 10:15

A lot of people in the world list weights almost every day; SJHS has a great teacher who is willing to spend his time and help kids work out. Mr. David Hansen, history teacher and weight lifting coach at SJHS, thought that there was a need to have a weight lifting program so students who have pent up energy can come and let some of it the energy go. Mr. Hansen thinks that lifting weight is a great way for students to physically exert energy in a good, positive way. Mr. Hansen loves to see kids come and do physical activity. It helps them meet their goals and look forward to something.

Mr. Hansen said, “It helps kids get stronger, and it gives them self confidence.” About 15-20 students show up everyday. They work hard and don’t goof off. A student like Kenny Roach, eighth grade student at SJHS, loves to work out. He says, “On bad days, weight lifting helps me get through the tough times.”  Weight lifting takes place after school except Wednesday. So people who don’t have anything to do after school, Mr. Hansen would love for anyone to work out after school with him. 

Kaleb Barnum, SJHS Staff Writer