Seventh Graders at SJHS Get Jobs

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Seventh graders at SJHS skipped school on February 5th and spend a day acting as an adult for Job Shadow Day.  Job Shadow Day is a day where the seventh graders spend a day with someone who has a job and learns about that job.

Ms. Josie Jarvis, CTE teacher at Springville Junior High, said, “Job Shadow Day is really beneficial because students get the opportunity to spend the whole day observing a specific job that they may be interested in. We want students to get thinking about a career path, so they can explore different paths before they head down a certain career path.”

Some students that went on their Job Shadow expedition had an interest in the job. Sarah Muir, a seventh grader who went to a massage clinic with her grandmother, was one of these students who had an interest in the job. “I really enjoyed it, I learned a lot and I’ve wanted to be a massage therapist for a long time,” she explained.

Other students discovered that they had no interest in the job they shadowed. Courtney O’Halloran, another seventh grader, enjoyed her experience at the BYU bookstore, but didn’t have an interest in perusing it as a career. “I had a lot of fun, but I want to be a chemist when I grow up.”

Lots of students at Springville Junior High participated in Job Shadow Day. Ms. Jarvis said that about 98% of her students were gone on Job Shadow Day.      

For some students, finding and keeping a job isn’t something they’re particularly concerned about, seeing as their only in seventh grade. But as time goes by, it tends to speed up and the time flies by. Now is the time for students at Springville Junior High to be thinking about a career path they want to take. 

Kara Dunn, SJHS Staff Writer