Amazing Soccer Player at SJHS

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At Springville Junior High, there are some pretty amazing students with some unique talents. One of these incredible students is eighth grader Danica Nusink.

Danica’s talent is soccer, but she’s no ordinary soccer player.  Out of about 200 soccer players, Danica was one of the 36 people in her age group who made it to the State ODP, which stands for Olympic Development Program. ODP trains the top players state wide, and after the players make State, they can move on to Regional and even National.

Danica started playing soccer about two years ago.  Danica explained, “My friends were doing it, and I was playing on a school team, so I decided to try out for competitive soccer.” 

Danica made it onto the team as one of the four team goalies, and she, along with the other top players, is training every Saturday.  As with any talent you want to soar in, Danica has to have a strong desire and a high level of commitment to succeed at soccer. 

In her spare time, Danica likes to read, listen to music, and hang out with friends. Still, she likes to play soccer most of all. Keep up the great work, Danica!

Kristi Hatch, SJHS Staff Writer