Super Citizens at SJHS

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At SJHS, there are some pretty amazing people.  The administration is always helping out students, and teachers come every day in order to give students the education they need to be successful in life.  At the end of each year, however, Springville Junior High School recognizes some students who have been “Super Citizens.”

These students have been nominated by teachers and staff at SJHS, and they receive a letter to their parents (to inform them of the great things their child has done), a certificate, and they get to go on a field trip on Friday, April 2nd.

The students who have received the awards are: 7th graders Annie Anderson, Emilee Christensen, Claire Hatch, Olivia Monney, Mikel Everett, Jose Romero, Hadley Roberts, Austin Dayton, Chandler Collings, Tegan Jenkins, 8th graders Paige Smith, Megan Miller, Medina Dore, Joee Lowe, Victoria Ireland, Max Schreiner, Gabe Campbell, Collin Pope, Zachary Ewing, Christopher Taylor, and 9th graders Maddie Staheli, Libby Devenish, Cicely Potter, Kara Dunn, Mindy Stapel, Braden Peterson, Mark Singleton, Mitchell Rose, Aaron Brown, and Matthew Vaughan. Congratulations to these students!


Kristi Hatch, SJHS Staff Writer