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Every year, Springville Junior High School celebrates R.A.S.K. Week (Random Acts of Selfless Kindness). The purpose of this week is to encourage the students to perform service for others to form unity in the school.  The Service Learning class came up with different ideas to get students to get excited about helping others.  Each day, there’s a different theme to help students remember to help each other.

Starting on Monday, March 22, there were different activities going on at SJHS.  Monday was Sports Day, when students could dress up in their sports clothes and “Sport” Kindness, and there were organized sports outside during lunch.

Tuesday was Crazy Day.  Students dressed up in their craziest clothes, and could pay $1 to tape Mrs. Johnson, one of the vice principals, to the wall during lunch. 

Wednesday was Movie Character Day, and students were encouraged to show their “character” by doing acts of kindness, and during lunch Pixar shorts were played in the auditorium.

Thursday was Retro Day. “Don’t make kindness a thing of the past” was the motto.  You could color with chalk outside during lunch.

Last of all, Friday was School Spirit Day.  Students showed their spirit by wearing school colors, red and blue, and singing karaoke in the lunchroom. 

Kristi Hatch and Kara Dunn, SJHS Staff Writers